My goal is to always maximize my seller’s profit.  Using my brokerage's extensive background in marketing and design I do just that, time and time again, by focusing on both high level campaigns and effective home preparation.

By leveraging your home’s architectural style, special characteristics and location, I will create a unique brand and market your home to the right demographic of buyers.

In addition to well polished marketing, my services encompass every aspect of home design and sale preparation.  Whether it is staging, painting, remodeling a bathroom, or just removing clutter, I have an outstanding team of specialists and contractors that will get your home looking its best before it goes on the market.  My hands-on approach and personal attention to every detail along the way continues to be a key factor in the overall success of the transaction.  My proven ability to take innovative outside-the-box approaches, coupled with market knowledge and negotiating experience is what truly sets me apart from the rest.