The Town of Hollywood Park was officially incorporated on December 7, 1955, after residents were concerned about losing the neighborhood’s autonomy to San Antonio. The community has a distinctly rural feel and residents often build homes they intend to live in for the rest of their lives. Many of the community's leaders of today are the children and grandchildren of some of the original residents.

In 1971, Mr. Voigt - a rancher who owned the land the town was built on - donated $10,000 to the Town of Hollywood Park to build the Voigt Center, naming Alverne Halloran as custodian, until the town matched funds to begin building. The 3,000 sq. ft. recreation building was finally built in 1974, and the grand opening and dedication was held on October 20, 1974. This was a day of fun and entertainment with games, food and drink offered. The City Council designated this day as “E.E.Voigt Day” in honor of the occasion. Mayor Felix Forshage opened the ceremony. Mr. Voigt introduced his family and spoke of the origin of the park. Tennis courts and a covered picnic area were built in 1975 with an additional $5,000 donation from Mr. Voigt for the tennis courts. A children’s playground was added later.

In addition to the homes originally built in Hollywood Park, two additional sections were added later to include The Gardens of Hollywood Park and The Enclave of Hollywood Park.

Hollywood Park is within the North East Independent School District. Hidden Forest Elementary School, Bradley Middle School, and Churchill High School in San Antonio serve Hollywood Park.

Hollywood Park playground

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